About Us

You Can Built it

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iBuildApps may be small, but we pack a heck of a punch! It may seem incredible that we have brought 2 million apps created on our platform to the table, but that is just how it works in the AppMakr family. We can justifiably say that we continue to hold our own against bigger, better-known competitors.

In the Clouds and loving it

Completely cloud-based, that’s what we are. We have eschewed the fancy office space and messy office politics for an efficient, collaborative virtual existence. We have more than 60 employees on six continents that just love shooting the breeze in oDesk, Trello, Indiegrove and Google Hangouts. Oh, and we really get work done, and a lot of it.

Cloud-based means the Best Hires

The best thing about being entirely cloud-based is the FREEDOM! Our people come from all over the world. They are the best in their field, and not just the best that happened to be within driving distance to the office. You could say that the world is our playground, and our playmates Spanish developers, Bulgarian designers, and Thai, Egyptian, Mexican, Indian, and Canadian customer service representatives. Our 24/7 customer service staff can help our customers in 15 languages! We can only work with these people because we are a distributed organization. Since we do not spend for a fancy office, we can use the money to reward excellence.

make a iphone app

You Talk, We Listen

We firmly believe that the customer is always right, so we listen closely to whatever they have to say. Based on that, we make changes to give them what they want.

For example, our publishers were always complaining about our ads that run in their apps as part of our deal with them in exchange for free access to our platform. This was our “freemium” package. Our publishers – they hated it. So…we took it out. We got rid of the ads in exchange for $1 a month for the “App Basics” plan. Any publisher who wants to give a good product would be more than happy to pay that much going forward. However, we did not charge that for existing apps created using the freemium model those stay free - forever.

We also continue to support ad networks such as inMobi, Millenial Media, and AdMob for the benefit of publishers who want to put in ads to generate revenue. Our publishers keep 100% of anything they make; we pass it directly to them. It is just a little something we do that our competitors do not.

There is More

We believe there is always room for improvement even in the best product, so we are constantly upping the ante in security, features, and design. Just recently, we launched many new customization options, such as Live Chat Rooms. We also made it possible for our publishers to include malware/phishing protection in native apps. We are the first app maker to do this in the world, and this is thanks to our alliance with MetaCert. We take pride in the fact that on our platform, coding dummies can make DIY apps that are just as feature-rich and functional as those created by an expert.

We Give Back the Best Way We Can

As an app creation platform, we thought we could give back best to the community by teaching. We developed four workshops on app creation, app economics, and app marketing for middle and high school students. The curriculum comes complete with lesson plans for an interactive hands-on approach to technology. This is an excellent chance for educators to help students acquire these valuable skills. They can simply download what they need from

iBuildApps is changing the Mobile App Economy. If you want to know more about how and what you can do to help, go to You can also send us an email with your inquiries to